The Stream Of Life

“The Stream of Life” is an interpretation of the poem by renowned Bengali poet, philosopher and artist, Rabindranath Tagore. Narrated by Deepak Chopra and shot in New York on 16mm film, the project was conceived in July 2020, as the world grappled with the overwhelming and ongoing challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. With Tagore’s poem as the springboard, creator and director Nesma Bensalem conceptualized the film around 3 principles: movement, nature and the spiritual symbiosis between nature and humanity. The interpretation and expression of the poem’s ideas are simultaneously realized through dance, spoken word, music, and visually evocative landscape, to create a visceral experience that speaks with and to humanity. The boundaries between the creative forms of expression are fluid, each supporting the other as an epitomization of this world in which everything is interdependent. Multiple artists, performers and storytellers – each carefully chosen for their artistry, genuine sensitivity and belief in the essence of the project – collaborated to create “The Stream of Life”. The film reminds us of our strength in adversity, our ability for renewal and our inextricable connection to nature.

Starring: Natasha Diamond WALKER, Lloyd KNIGHT, Jessica SGAMBELLURI, Akil Apollo DAVIS, Gabriel EMPHASIS,

Matt FORGET, Elya OSMANOVA, Kina SODOGANDJI, Christian JIMENEZ and the Sisters of the BLOOMING SUN.

Cinematography & Coloring by Jake SANER

Video Editing by Jon ECHEVESTE (Ice Cream Paris)

Music by J.POOL

A WeCare Impact Production

Production Assistants: Micah DIX & Noosh ANDREAVA

Still & Bts Photographer: Micah DIX

Join The Connected Global Experience

We welcome you to 21 days of The Stream Of Life.

A social impact campaign in partnership with SocialStack (a blockchain platform for mission driven creatives) to go further in our exploration of the essence of the Stream of Life. We will embark together on a 21 day journey where through the 5 elements we will go deeper within ourselves and remember our deep interconnectedness with each each other, as well as our planet.

As 2020 and the COVID pandemic showed us, our eco systems are fragmented – wounded by our own false sense of separation. It is time to come together to feel and imagine a new earth, new possibilities of being and to take inspired action knowing that we ultimately are the co creators of our reality.

Each day will have a meditation, a reflection, and a call to action. We will be partnering with different NGO’s and causes to offer our participants tangible opportunities to create change both within themselves but also in the communities and world they live in.

Every action will be rewarded with a crypto token incentivizing and creating more abundance for the participant the more he/she engages, gives and takes action.

More details coming soon! #StreamOfLife ✨🌱

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