WeCare Impact is a creative agency and consulting firm that believes in the power of Art, Community and Technology as solutions to implement a more just and sustainable world.

Our mission is to use these vehicles to raise awareness on the world’s most pressing issues while offering inspiring and tangible solutions. We believe change starts with our story, but then needs the concrete implementation of solutions to become real and sustainable. 

Through creative productions and strategic partnerships, WeCare Impact designs & produces activations, campaigns or productions around social and environmental projects. 

As a consulting firm, it represents a wide array of experts and projects through multidisciplinary fields acting as an incubator/accelerator strategically connecting companies with the right solutions or partners. With a focus on designing a better future aligned with the United Nation SDG’s, WeCare Impact acts as an omni  service provider which offers the necessary ecosystem to respond to every need in a holistic and impactful way.


We help you from a 360 wholistic perspective to design your project, communicate with meaning your story & effectively engage your community to inspire them to action

We take an idea and develop it into a powerful reality. 

We craft strategies, stories and experiences based on a deep understanding of human behavior, systems design & specialized field expertise. 

We start with your idea, brand identity or need from which we’ll design a unique holistic blueprint taking into account our 3 E’s :  Enchantment, Engagement and Enactment

We work across mediums and platforms to inspire & engage the audiences needed to achieve your objectives. 

We know that Story is the vehicle through which we Humans understand and make sense of our world. 

It is the fabric of our society – the foundation of our understanding & relationship with the world. 

Through stories we understand and relate with our world.

Stories define everything: our relationship and likeness with ourselves and the other, our societal play and social institutions, our dreams, taboos & fantasies, even our financial institutions are driven by stories. 


Experience is its taste, its colors : Experience is Story actualizing itself. Experiencing Itself.  

At the core of our work lies the application of the experience of empathy & connection.

Story is the entry point to experience.

Strategic partnerships are a key pillar to our social and business model:

 Our company mirrors the intelligent design of Nature and recognizes that our society is the reflection of the health of  its ecosystem


Our community  is composed of the top innovative companies, brands, and individuals:  changemakers, doers and believers who offer their skills, experience and interest in service of bettering the world we live in.


We offer a portfolio of ready to be implemented solutions through our strategic partners: from companies innovating on  Green/Blue tech,  to experts and consultants on topics ranging from development, poverty reduction, sustainability, waste management, bio construction,  (and many more!), to NGO’s, media/distribution partners, influencers and governments. 


We aim to bring the top players of these fields under common values and unifying stories. Together, we are redefining Culture and restoring the social mycelium needed for a thriving ecosystem. We get you to care, then we get you to act! 

At WeCare, we believe in the power of Art, Technology and Community to change the world!


We believe that all we need to create the world we dream of is there. 


Through co-creationcollaborative efforts, and the unification under a common goal and vision we have the power to leverage our skills and interests into powerful catalysts of change!